🖌️ Switch Lubing Service

Are you sick of barely-lubed 'factory-lubed' switches, or does the scratchy noise aggravate your senses?

Look no further, I offer mechanical keyboard Switch Lubing Service!

I handlube your switches according to your preferences! Be sure to leave an order note if needed. I will lube the stem and bottom housing rails, as well as the spring with the appropriate lube. I am based in Belgium, Europe, and cater my switch lubing service to customers in Europe.

  • I handlube your switches for that smooth typing feel.
  • Customize your experience – specify your preferred lubricants and film thickness.
  • Stem, rails, springs – I'll carefully lube all components.
  • Purchase the service, ship me your switches, and I'll return them expertly lubed.

Note: This is a service product! Upon purchasing, you will ship your own switches to me, and the label generated by this purchase will be used to return your lubed switches to you!

akiratypes sample switches

Lube Service

Are you interested in the lubing service? Discover the options below and check out through the orange button here ↓

🖌️ Switch Lubing Service

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
72x Lubed Obsidian L Switches

Really great service, gave updates on timing regarding how long the switches will take to lube. Very smooth and nice compared to stock, will use the service again in the future for any new switches!

thank you!

Radek Štrouf
2x durock stabs, 1x Tungsten switches

Ordered twice, one for a full lubed set (stabs + switches), the other time it was stabs.

Both of the times the service was super fast, communication clear and overall, it was a lovely experience.
Been using AkiraStabs ever since, really goated

lovely to hear, thanks Radek!

Lubed and filmed NK creams

Great service, my broken in NK creams have been consistently lubed and sounds great.

i am glad you enjoy using your switches, thank you for your review!