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supplies pouch

supplies pouch

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The sturdy tear-resistant material of this pouch and its secure zipper closure make it the perfect option for carrying all the essential tools and supplies, and keeping them safe. This pouch was made in Belgium, and has been printed locally!


Choose between an empty pouch or a supplies pouch filled with (you guessed it) actual supplies! The full supplies pouch has a plaet frok, notebook, and a starter lube kit for an affordable price! (Colors can vary, contents stay the same)

1x Pouch with Items contains:
- 1 akiratypes notebook
- 1 akiratypes plate fork (color can vary)
- 1 switch opener for mx and kailh switches
- 2 brushes
- 2 switch pullers, rubber and metal
- 3 tweezers, 2 needlenose and 1 curved
- 1 keycap puller
- 10g switch lube

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